Thursday, February 9, 2006

What’s in a name?

I started this blog with a perfectly cryptic name: "wpblog." I suppose it is a natural impulse shared by many people who download WordPress and are faced with a blank box. I spent an additional minute on the issue today, and decided this was a blog about "getting down to brass tacks." Hence, my current name "BrassTacks." I'm not sure how good Google is at measuring the "uniqueness" of this sort of thing. "Voltaire" as the web host was a nod to my previous blog impulse left unfulfilled at, when I was hoping to develop a vicious talent for satire. The name alone proved ineffective, but easy to remember.

It turns out I have a few good names stored up; one is a nom de guerre, which, for security reasons, I will keep secret. I also have here a good name for an instrumental group: "The Cooper Brass Choir." Properly euphonious. If you have a good enough name for a techie blog, you may have it in exchange.

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